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Cumberland Ratings Table

1Danny Cohen1,670.03135
2Michael Battat1,634.18145
3Ray Kershaw1,601.06200
4Justin Silver1,592.8389
5Mike Ireland1,576.28172
6Ben Owen1,572.2535
7David Brown1,565.8625
8Tariq Siddiqi1,548.3830
9Jules Schlagman1,543.1120
10Tony Lezard1,540.1171
11Ivan Scheer1,526.5815
12David Broomfield1,523.6635
13Alan Briefel1,520.81135
14Trudi Seely1,512.4117
15Romolo Mudu1,503.9330
16David Dennis1,502.0020
17Larry Smythe1,500.6410
18Morris Rashty1,498.5810
19Simon Barget1,497.2814
20Andrew Guthrie1,485.3225
21Peter Falter1,480.9211
22Lucy Winslow1,479.6711
23Andrew Selby1,474.0611
24John Broomfield1,461.8228
25Peter Hartley1,461.7118
26Ricky Philip1,461.698
27Craig Rapp1,460.958
28Jeremy Coller1,429.1685
29Alex Schlagman1,420.9918
30Donald Sharpe1,416.5018
31Stephen Booth1,387.19143
32Deborah Swanwick1,272.13113

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2018-07-23.

How ratings are calculated.