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Home House Ladder - Season 2017/18

Last match recorded here this season was on 2017-12-31.

RankNameChartScorePoints played
1Jamal Abraham 1,500.000
1Charles Montagu 1,500.000
1Dominic Murgia 1,500.000
1Nicola Brosinovich 1,500.000
1Peter Falter 1,500.000
1Roger Phillips 1,500.000
1John Broomfield 1,500.000
1Wayne Felton 1,500.000
1Romolo Mudu 1,500.000
1Michael Ingram-Cohen 1,500.000
1Lesley Schiff 1,500.000
1Annabel Baruch 1,500.000

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2017-12-31.

How the ladder works.