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League statistics for Groucho

League History

This table shows how Groucho has fared in its League encounters with each of the other clubs.

Against opponentAggregateHistory
PWDLFA 2017/182016/172015/162010/112009/10
Totals for Groucho:3314415299295
MCC41123438 7-118-109-910-8
RAC411239338-108-10 14-49-9
Hurlingham410335378-10 8-1011-78-10
Chelsea Arts531151396-1211-711-714-49-9
Roehampton42023339 7-115-1311-710-8
Home House42023735 11-78-108-1010-8
East India1001810 8-10   
Union22002214 11-711-7  

See also the aggregate report.

Team Members

This table summarises the performace of all players for Groucho where individual match breakdowns have been recorded.

Justin Silver1316764351.15%
Sean Williams8052282465.00%
Tom Duggan814338553.09%
Tariq Siddiqi793940-149.37%
Robin Hayley582434-1041.38%
Roger Mavity392118353.85%
Zoe Cunningham271981170.37%
Raj Jansari331815354.55%
Julian Wilson18135872.22%
Jean King1587153.33%
Peter Nolan1587153.33%
Salliya Tye24717-1029.17%
Liviu Tipurita19613-731.58%
Ricky Michaels963366.67%
Katrina Shalit954155.56%
Martine Montgomery945-144.44%
Rod Weinberg1239-625.00%
Stephen Riley321166.67%
Archie Wilkinson321166.67%
Martin King321166.67%
Jennifer Decoteau312-133.33%
Peter Kavanagh303-30.00%