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League statistics for Union

League History

This table shows how Union has fared in its League encounters with each of the other clubs.

Against opponentAggregateHistory
PWDLFA 2018/192017/182016/172015/16
Totals for Union:2910217228½290½
MCC21011422 11-73-15 
Cumberland300318368-106-12 4-14
Hurlingham32102925 9-910-810-8
Chelsea Arts4310432910-812-69-912-6
Groucho30032034 6-127-117-11
Home House31022430 13-57-114-14
East India320128½22½ 11-79½-5½8-10

See also the aggregate report.

Team Members

This table summarises the performace of all players for Union where individual match breakdowns have been recorded.

Sean Williams9863352864.29%
Tim Cookson723933654.17%
Andy Blake753342-944.00%
Tony Steward783246-1441.03%
James Tod392415961.54%
Genevieve Dexter632043-2331.75%
Zoe Cunningham271981170.37%
Joe Woolfe481830-1237.50%
Russ Clapham18810-244.44%
Derek Seaward21714-733.33%
Fred Vincent15411-726.67%
Stephen Corston3303100.00%
Carol Whitworth1239-625.00%
Saskia Reeves624-233.33%
Avtar Sandhu321166.67%
Toby Isaacs3050.00%
Shezan Hirjee312-133.33%
Viki Corston312-133.33%
Crawford Anderson312-133.33%
Peter Cross918-711.11%
Nigel Ridpath615-416.67%
Ben King615-416.67%
Andy Plume312-133.33%
Graham Stewart615-416.67%
Hilary Bonner312-133.33%
Jenny Torsvig303-30.00%
Nick Meade404-40.00%
Stan Mytkowski303-30.00%
Hakan Kousetta303-30.00%
Kevin Petillo303-30.00%