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RAC Ladder - Season 2019/20

Last match recorded here this season was on 2019-06-11.

RankNameScorePoints played
1Jean Stuart1,618.1098
2Tony Steward1,605.9077
3Peter Hartley1,603.25105
4Gordon Rodgers1,577.6749
5David Washington1,570.1649
6Andrew Donchenko1,565.17112
7Afsaneh Koohestani1,550.7914
8Justin Silver1,526.4521
10Chris Taylor Reed1,501.8056
11Matthew Crabbe1,498.8114
12Sarah Estaun Rodriguez-Roldan1,497.1928
13Rachel Morris1,496.7814
14Richard Hartigan1,483.3056
15Charles Boliston1,480.6035
16Duncan Brown1,477.5935
17Sally McCarthy1,475.3221
18Clive Chapman1,474.1121
19Jean King1,473.547
20Ezra Ellis1,463.98105
21Ian Stuart1,450.0428
22Paul Pfanner1,418.3256
23Jane Brown1,402.7942
24Louise Smyth1,400.23112
25Brenda Rosen1,385.8063

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2019-06-11.

How the ladder works.