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2017-01-23 Union v RAC

Here is the complete breakdown of the results in the Union v RAC London League match, which took place on Monday 23rd January 2017.

1Sean Williams0-1Antonio Sgambato
2Andy Blake1-0Paul Pfanner
3Tim Cookson1-0George Jacobs
4- BYE -0-1Sidi Shatku
5Genevieve Dexter1-0William Orenstein
6Ben King0-1Sarah Adlam
7Sean Williams0-1William Orenstein
8Andy Blake1-0Sarah Adlam
9Tim Cookson0-1Antonio Sgambato
10- BYE -0-1Paul Pfanner
11Genevieve Dexter0-1George Jacobs
12Ben King0-1Sidi Shatku
13Sean Williams0-1George Jacobs
14Andy Blake0-1Sidi Shatku
15Tim Cookson0-1William Orenstein
16- BYE -0-1Sarah Adlam
17Genevieve Dexter1-0Antonio Sgambato
18Ben King0-1Paul Pfanner
score sheet

Congratulations and thanks to all who took part.

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Totals excluding friendlies: Union 1-3 RAC, 0 draws.

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