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Edward BaliszewskiThe London League was the brainchild of the late Edward Baliszewski. Edward had begun organising friendlies between RAC and Hurlingham in late 2003, and at a match at Hurlingham on 22nd March 2005 he floated the idea of a London backgammon league. This led to an inaugural captain's meeting on 11th October of the same year involving representatives from RAC, Hurlingham, Roehampton, Chelsea Arts and Travellers. Roehampton was not able to form a team in the first season, so their place was taken by Walbrook, and on 14th December 2005, the first match of the League took place between Hurlingham and Chelsea Arts. It was a draw. The format was similar to the one played today: each of the six members of a team plays three 7-point matches. In subsequent years, this was reduced to 5 points owing to time constraints.

Meanwhile, Edward continued to recruit clubs for the League. As a direct result of his efforts, a backgammon society was formed at MCC at the end of 2005, which would join the League the following season, along with Roehampton and Cumberland. Other clubs would join, and some would leave, in the years to come.

Edward sadly succumbed to cancer on 18th February 2008. He formed the London League to promote backgammon in convivial social settings whilst forging reciprocal relationships between London private members' clubs. His legacy lives on to this day.

Backgammon fans in other London clubs wishing to explore the possibility of joining the London League are asked in the first instance to use the contact form.


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The London League website is written and maintained by Tony Lezard, who plays for MCC.