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MCC Backgammon Society Draw


All members on the mailing list of the MCC Backgammon Society will be entered automatically into the draw at the start of the season unless they have told me that they do not wish to compete, for example because they live abroad and rarely visit the UK in the winter months.

Match Rules

Tournament matches are played in accordance with the standard internationally recognised rules of backgammon match play. In particular, note that:

  • The doubling cube in in play, and multiplies the score (1 for a normal win, 2 for a gammon, 3 for a backgammon) by its value
  • The winner is the first player to reach or exceed the required number of points, and beyond that the scoreline is immaterial
  • The Crawford Rule is in play: if a player reaches match point then the doubling cube is out of play for that one game only
  • Matches are played without the Jackoby Rule, beavers, or automatic doubles

Completion of Matches

The draw sheet includes clear indications of the length of matches required for each round, and the deadline by which each round must be completed. (These deadlines fall on Backgammon Society social evenings, offering a convenient opportunity to play the match.)

As well as at a social evening, matches may be played at the Club on another occasion (please inform the Pavilion staff and they will provide a board), or at another convenient venue, or online if mutually acceptable.

Members are encouraged to get their matches played in good time before the deadline. If a member realises they will not be able to meet their opponent in time they should advise me and their opponent as soon as possible.

If the deadline is reached without a result, a short extension may be offered in exceptional circumstances, but in general the match will be awarded to one of the players based on their level of recent activity in the Society. The Tournament Director's decision is final!

Tournament matches that are played (i.e. not walk-overs or byes) will be included in the ratings table but will not count towards your ladder position.

The Draw

The draw takes place at the beginning of the season, before the first society evening in the Member's Bar.

Prior to the 2010/11 season, the draw was completely random.

From 2010/11 onwards, draws contain seeded players:

  • From 2010/11 to 2013/14, there were four seeds based on the winner and runners-up of the previous tournament
  • from 2014/15 onwards there are eight seeds based on player rating at the start of the season

Seeded players are highlighted in the table and separated from each other in the draw. Unseeded players are randomly placed in the remaining slots and randomly awarded any required BYEs. Seeded players do not receive any special treatment in the allocation of BYEs.

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