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MCC Backgammon Tournament

The MCC Backgammon Tournament trophy

Every year a single-elimination knock-out tournament is held for members of the MCC Backgammon Society. The tournament runs through the season and all members are entered into the draw unless they explicitly opt out. The prize is a bottle of MCC champagne and the presentation of the MCC Backgammon Trophy, which will have the winner's name engraved on it and be displayed in the Writing Room.

Click here for more details about the rules that apply and how the draw is conducted.

Season 2023/24 MCC Annual Backgammon Tournament

Round 1
To be played by: 16-Oct-23
7 points
Richard Olsen
William Lyons
Elliott Mayer
Andrew Moss
Johnny Bispham
Alex Davis
Donald Sharpe
Alan Page
Joe Ireland
Sonel Mehta
Rupert Hitchcock
Peter Whyte
Nick Trew
Michael Getgood
Patrick Hopkirk
George Jacobs
Tony Lezard
Nick Berry
Jonathan Potter
Miles E.R.T. Watson-Smyth
Ben Thomson
Dickon Robertson
Alex Leighton
Martin Brown
Paul Watling
Jeremy Norman
Annabelle Fry
David Moss
Paul Rider
Cameron Crees
Marc Isaacs
Steve Pickard
David Clarkson
William Leighton
Arav Patel
Edward Lewin
Alex Cooper
B.F.J. Spink
Lennard Lazarus
Ollie Martyn-Hemphill
Justin Rose
Barry Tucker
Richard Fellows
Paul Clark
Richard Adamson
Anthony Clifford
Nicholas Esses
Wesley Howell
Michael Flesch
Adrian Berrill-Cox
Geoff T. Spurrier
Edward Leighton
Adam Young
Rick Johnson
Joshua Landau
Zahur Gitay
Patrick Russell
Peter Donovan
Greg Mayer
Geoffrey Buchler
Robert Miller
Neil Cole
Anthony Warley
John Davies
Round 2
By: 11-Dec-23
9 points
Johnny Bispham
Rupert Hitchcock
Nick Trew
Ollie Martyn-Hemphill
Nicholas Esses
Round 3
By: 22-Jan-24
9 points
Round 4
By: 19-Feb-24
11 points
By: 18-Mar-24
11 points
By: 15-Apr-24
13 points


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