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RAC Ratings Table

1David Washington1,690.152540
2Ian Stuart1,678.523564
3Paul Pfanner1,673.123734
4Richard Hartigan1,668.784567
5Mariam Moazed1,664.491251
6Justin Silver1,661.221282
7Jean Stuart1,653.614366
8Ezra Ellis1,610.182682
9Tony Steward1,605.313871
10David Garofalo1,592.001254
11Michael Flesch1,555.75269
12Peter Hartley1,550.285087
13Linda Major1,533.721414
14Matthew Crabbe1,527.081635
15Afsaneh Koohestani1,515.45761
16Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson1,507.38931
17Andrew Donchenko1,458.24491
18Gordon Rodgers1,456.392750
19Irina Smith1,446.00330
20Louise Smyth1,425.503395
21Brenda Rosen1,404.402404
22Duncan Brown1,391.38391
23Sarah Estaun Rodriguez-Roldan1,354.401285
24Jane Brown1,326.82426
25Clive Chapman1,322.211422
26Malcolm Nunn1,285.431948
27Lesley Nunn1,188.681500
28Chris Taylor Reed1,154.891047
29Christine Anderson1,120.981531

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 2 full seasons.

Last result added on 2019-12-10.

How ratings are calculated.