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Union Ratings Table

1Nicole Coleman1,637.13965
2Tim Cookson1,632.681135
3Jerry White1,629.36565
4Sean Williams1,570.62225
6Alex Ellerington1,534.39890
7James Tod1,532.92525
8Andy Blake1,529.501205
9Martin Barkwill1,526.6825
10Mark Manley1,522.365
11Russ Clapham1,516.46270
12Caroline Loncq1,515.85540
15Jacqueline Kerrigan1,480.295
16Victoria Parrish1,477.6955
17Graham B1,477.645
18Ben Buck1,477.175
19Mike Ireland1,477.045
20Kevin Brooks1,475.995
21Chris Blishen1,474.2815
22Moddy Moss1,473.815
23Tony Steward1,470.04370
24Mike Williams1,464.8230
25David Grigg1,459.3520
26Crawford Anderson1,457.29235
28George Forsyth1,450.851245
29Graham Ross1,433.7815
30Genevieve Dexter1,415.56490
31Brenda Rosen1,413.89920
32Saskia Reeves1,411.38215
33Lorna Vestey1,411.00170
34Peter Cross1,330.8855
35Derek Seaward1,306.43505

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 2 full seasons.

Last result added on 2021-09-24.

How ratings are calculated.