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League statistics for Travellers

League History

This table shows how Travellers has fared in its League encounters with each of the other clubs.

Against opponentAggregateHistory
PWDLFA 2008/092007/082006/072005/06
Totals for Travellers:14111272½160½
MCC2002828 3-155-13 
RAC20027245-8  2-16
Hurlingham2002729  2-165-13
Chelsea Arts310220201-38-1011-7 
Walbrook101099   9-9

See also the aggregate report.

Team Members

This table summarises the performace of all players for Travellers where individual match breakdowns have been recorded.

Arthur Cory624-233.33%
David Roberts321166.67%
David Chidgey312-133.33%
Nick Silich312-133.33%
Tony Ahern312-133.33%
Robert Atwater606-60.00%
Jack Redi303-30.00%
Michael Smith303-30.00%
Lewis Jones101-10.00%