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London League - Season 2014/15

Here are the final standings in the 2014/15 London Backgammon League. (The final results for previous seasons are available at the foot of this page.)

League table

Pos. PWDLFADiff.Points
3Home House74126957129
7Chelsea Arts71064977-282
8East India700747½78½-310


DateHome  Away
Tuesday 14th October 2014Roehampton108Chelsea Arts
Tuesday 21st October 2014Cumberland117East India
Wednesday 5th November 2014RAC126Hurlingham
Thursday 13th November 2014Cumberland711RAC
Thursday 13th November 2014East India711Chelsea Arts
Tuesday 18th November 2014HurlinghamMCC
Tuesday 25th November 2014Home House810Roehampton
Monday 1st December 2014MCC108Cumberland
Thursday 4th December 2014Chelsea Arts810RAC
Monday 15th December 2014Hurlingham810Roehampton
Monday 19th January 2015RAC711MCC
Tuesday 20th January 2015Roehampton10½East India
Thursday 22nd January 2015Chelsea Arts711Hurlingham
Thursday 22nd January 2015Cumberland414Home House
Wednesday 4th February 2015East India810Home House
Tuesday 10th February 2015East India711MCC
Tuesday 17th February 2015Home House117Chelsea Arts
Wednesday 18th February 2015Hurlingham711Cumberland
Wednesday 18th February 2015Roehampton216RAC
Monday 2nd March 2015RAC135Home House
Wednesday 4th March 2015Hurlingham135East India
Tuesday 10th March 2015Cumberland108Roehampton
Monday 23rd March 2015MCC612Home House
Wednesday 25th March 2015MCC144Chelsea Arts
Wednesday 1st April 2015Roehampton99MCC
Wednesday 15th April 2015RAC126East India
Thursday 16th April 2015Chelsea Arts414Cumberland
Monday 20th April 2015Home House99Hurlingham
Chelsea ArtsCumberlandEast IndiaHome HouseHurlinghamMCCRACRoehamptonSloane
Chelsea Arts  Thu 16th April4-14   Thu 22nd January7-11  Thu 4th December8-10  
Cumberland   Tue 21st October11-7 Thu 22nd January4-14   Thu 13th November7-11 Tue 10th March10-8 
East India Thu 13th November7-11   Wed 4th February8-10  Tue 10th February7-11   
Home House Tue 17th February11-7    Mon 20th April9-9   Tue 25th November8-10 
Hurlingham  Wed 18th February7-11 Wed 4th March13-5   Tue 18th November9½-8½  Mon 15th December8-10 
MCC Wed 25th March14-4 Mon 1st December10-8  Mon 23rd March6-12     
RAC   Wed 15th April12-6 Mon 2nd March13-5 Wed 5th November12-6 Mon 19th January7-11   
Roehampton Tue 14th October10-8  Tue 20th January10½-7½   Wed 1st April9-9 Wed 18th February2-16  

The arrows () point to the home team.

Friendly matches

DateHome  Away
Thursday 23rd April 2015MCC135Union
Wednesday 15th July 2015RAC99Groucho
MCC   Thu 23rd April13-5 
RAC    Wed 15th July9-9

The arrows () point to the home team.


The London League winners in seasons prior to this one are as follows:

See also the aggregate league statistics.


At the beginning of the 2010/11 season, the captains of the teams in the London League agreed a set of rules to clarify expectations and help pre-emptively resolve disputes. Click here for the current London League rules.